LUCK – Be Surprised (Poetry)

Walking through a desert

Destiny brought me to oasis

Wondering what was special in me

for this be with me

Luck  replied

For those who cross deserts

least expect me by their side

So I smile upon them

and give them a surprise …


(Nirali  Raval)


An event that had a considerable impact on my life (Write Up )

Two years back I had been to Mumbai to meet my relatives. Since it was just a week’s stay, I had made a list of things to do. Every morning I used to visit a local Maharashtrian restaurant with my father to relish spicy missal pav, saffron flavored halwa, and piping hot ginger tea. My father would Accompany me everywhere and would also help me be familiar with the routes and well-known places in Mumbai. One day I and my father were returning back home from a famous temple in Mumbai suburb. After receiving a call from his friend, I and my father decide to visit him. We were Greeted by my father’s friends father, wife, aunt, and daughter, everyone looked really happy as it had been ages that my father met them, they looked at me with surprise as last the time they had seen me I was a baby. Their conversation began and seemed never ending, Meanwhile, my father’s Friend’s daughter took me to her room and was very excited and happy to speak and converse. She had lots of things to say. She said, she was in sixth grade and she wants to be an astronaut, and she likes to play basketball with her brother. After a while, she invited me to come and see the play she was participating in, at their community gathering hall.I willingly accepted the invitation even though it was getting late. At the play, the little girl looked so confident and happy, but I noticed People around her were showing a lot of sympathy towards her. I couldn’t understand that. Later When I reached home I discussed this with my father. My father revealed that the girl had a major health disorder and she wouldn’t live long enough. The part that touched me the most was the girl knew of her underlying health condition but still, she was so calm, smiling and happy, still, she had a dream, a dream to be an astronaut. My father said, she had fewer friends and whenever people used to talk to her they either used to show her sympathy or just ignore her, but still she was so confident. This made me think that happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life.It is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you, it can only come from you.If you wait for happy moments you will wait forever, But if you start believing that you are happy, you will be happy forever. Learning to accept the current state, being friends with it and moving along doing

Learning to accept the current state, being friends with it and moving along doing what you have to do is what it takes to be happy.

Immersed ( Poetry )


Immersed in dream of a castle

While learning how to build

Immersed in dream of great heights

While standing below

Immersed in expecting the sight of shore

While battling through storms in a broken ship

As time passed by

I  immersed into the present

and learned to let go….