IDLY – One of the best Indian inventions in the world ( Work )

The Client is an Indian website which focuses on creating informative videos on everything about India.

Objective of the Video

The video focuses on nutritious values of Idly. Idly can be eaten with a variety of side dishes.It is easily digestible and can be eaten by anyone from small babies to elder people.

How we did it

The client was very keen on the video going viral. After some research, I started working on the visualization and storyboard. Often doing lots and lots of research for something which is simple isn’t very much essential especially, when one under a time crunch. We decided on the color and style of the video. The storyboard was designed in a way that the elements are minimal and clear keeping idly as the main focus in the frame .

Initial Stage:

Script Visualization
Scene1 Shot1Today…we present to you Idly….

the most nutritious food in the world…


Scene1  Shot1A hand stretching from the left side of the frame which has a plate with a steel food cover (steam coming out while lifting the food cover).The hand has a napkin hanging over the wrist to show a professional style of presenting food.

Another hand lifting the food cover and idly rising above like an invention with a glow effect.

Scene2 Shot1We hear that taste and health don’t go together…


Scene2 Shot1A kid character eating junk food.

He is eating lot of chips and as he eats he is

Bloating, like a football. (optional).

(There are lot of junk food items on table, which Disappear one by one).

Scene3 Shot1Well! Once you discover Idly…

You will realize that you can have delicious along with good health…


Its nutrient quotient is so high that it has been recommended by World Health organization.


which can be seen by doing a simple Google search…



Scene3 Shot1A plate with steaming idly with a bowl sliding in Front of obese character.

He tries idly, he smiles and eats lot of it .His Cheeks become rosy pink in color.


Idly rolling from right as transition.

Illustration of idly  and “Very Nutritious “text appearing on the screen.

Organizations brand names popping out and aligning across the circumference of idly.


Zoom out to show google logo with the search bar.

(Google has two idly(rotating) which replaces the 2 os).


Scene4 Shot1Idly is one of the best Indian inventions to the world…

It is 2-3 inch in diameter and consists of

fermented black lentils and rice.



Scene4 Shot1The two idly in google form one idly and there are other Indian invented fast food item doodles appearing Around it (Illustration of idly).

Idly with a line stretching horizontally or Vertically showing the diameter (2-3inch text).

The thin diameter line divides the idly and 2-3 inch appears as text and Bowl of black lentils and rice appears near idly.

Scene5 Shot1Don’t get fooled by its simple looks. .Idly is a Nutrient Powerhouse…

It is rich in carbohydrates , proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids and fiber….and contains no fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol….


Scene5 Shot1

Tick mark appear near all the nutrients

Cross marks for fat and cholesterol.

Scene6 Shot1According to the doctors Idly is a complete food…

that can be eaten with varieties of side dishes which can run in 1000s




Scene6 Shot1A   friendly Doctor character with advising pose appears with a healthy meal appearing by his side.

(Vegetable, grains, lentils etc.)

Variety of side dishes appear near idly.

Scene7 Shot1It is easily digestible and can be eaten by anyone… from small babies to the old man…healthy people to those who don’t even have teeth…



Scene7 Shot1A family comprising of Toddlers to very elderly people enjoying idly is shown .

A mouthpiece is shown on the table while an elderly woman is enjoying idly.(Which means idly is very soft and can be enjoyed by someone who has difficulty chewing food )

Scene8 Shot1So Go ahead…

Include Idly in your daily diet… and enjoy the taste with health…

Idly…The most nutritious and complete food… From a Great Country Called India.




Scene8 Shot1The fat character is now thin and he has A plate of idly.Enjoy the taste and health text appears on the screen.

Idly forming India map, with bugle sound in the background.



The video got 155,476 views and 1,838 likes on youtube. This video became a reference for the clients for future work . A Mexican school screened the video to the students to educate them on nutritious value of Idly.


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