Machine to Machine Intelligence Corporation Explainer Video ( Work )

The Client 

M2Mi’s  M2M Intelligence® platform provides the essential M2M and IoT platform to globally connect, manage, secure and perform in-stream analysis to quickly monetize an organization’s connected assets.

Objective of the Video

Client  wanted  to highlight  M2Mi’s contextual intelligence and security from the base level using lock box technology , thus helping organizations using IoT platform gain actionable insights with high efficiency and security .

How we did it

It was a challenging task , as it was a highly technical video . It involved a lot of research  collection of references , videos and understanding the entire IoT platform.

“Simple is always  best  ,but  ,presenting something simple involves a great deal of complex research and work “.

I choose iconography for this video


above diagrams are the initial stages of my ideation , I created them using Photoshop .

After few iterations, I visualized ideas which where simple yet provided a clear understanding of the product . After the storyboard approval from the client , the production started . I work closely (which includes briefing and supervising) with my team of  animators and illustrators to make sure everything is implemented as per the plan (storyboard) .

Client was very specific about the colors ,the font and even the icons to be used .

In this video all the icons belong to the same style . 

Final Output 


The client was happy with the outcome and  I feel so proud to see this video on their

website :

My Experience

I learnt how IoT works  .This project unlocked new opportunities to understand  and visualize  better ideas  for similar industry verticals .





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